Code                         Name                             Found by me            Owner                     Cache Type                 State

GCKW94                Living Desert                         2/11/2009             Team Crackers         Virtual                          New South Wales
A fabulous location outside Broken Hill, where a rock sculpture symposium was held on a majestic hilltop in 1993 by artists from around the world, under the direction of organiser and artist Lawrence Beck. 12 sandstone sculptures highlight the skyline, all with a story to tell. Especially beautiful at sunset.

GC2MA4N              Nooldoonooldoona                 26/08/2012         The Arkaroo             Traditional                    South Australia
A rock climb beside a waterhole in the north Flinders Ranges. An interesting koori story goes with the site. Probably the most dangerous cache I've done as you need to edge along a thin rock ledge above a 5 metre drop to the rocks below, hanging on by your toes, fingers, and whatever else you can to gain traction on the vertical rock face.

GCH2CF                  Back Road to Arkaroola         24/08/2012          postiegirl06         Traditional                       South Australia
An interesting cache atop a rocky outcrop beside the road from Copley to Nepabunna on the way to Arkaroola.

GC1EF5V                  Hergott Springs                     26/08/2012         Pikapene                 Traditional                     South Australia
The only cache present at Maree at the foot of the Birdsville Track. The nearest cache is 30 km away at the time I prepared this note. Nothing special about the cache, just a long way from any other civilisation.

GC5BZ1E                  Under the Nullarbor             6/10/2014            Jump Pilot             Earth                                South Australia
An earthcache beside the Eyre Highway on the Nullabor Plain. It's a nice earthcache but I mainly included it because I got the FTF.

GC123X8                  Views to Antarctica             29/10/2014            dalyrere                Traditional                     South Australia
A fantastic location overlooking the Great Australian Bight, with nothing but the Southern Ocean between you and Antarctica. A great experience.

GC4687K                  Let's build Little Egypt         7/10/2014             Moneybox             Traditional                      Western Australia
An interesting little cache to break up the trip across the Nullabor. Can't give away the secret, but let's just say after finding this one you'll have something in common with the Pharaohs.

GC2BVT5                  Hay Street Love                     9/10/2014           Teamdjbilo         Traditional                        Western Australia
A micro hidden outside Kalgoorlies most famous brothel. I just included it for raunch value.